OPI Gel Nail Polish in Northampton and Throughout Northamptonshire

One of the most successful nail care brands in the world, OPI are widely sought after by professionals and consumers alike for their high quality nail treatments, and beautiful nail colours.

Lasts for Weeks!

Gelcolor holds up on your fingernails for weeks. It will not only last but it glows, guards, and looks completely stunning. Using this type of Ultraviolet manicure you don’t need to worry about chips, scrapes, and bubbling. You get the picture. It is remarkable!

30 Seconds to Treat!

Gelcolor cures rapidly. Certain ultraviolet nail products are a little too consuming in relation to curing in a UV lamp. OPI’s LED/UV manicure takes thirty seconds to treat between layers this is fast.

Instantly Dry!

Not simply is it quick but the dry time is instant. Just after getting cured the fingernails are dry and all set to go. You may put your fingernails in your bag to search for car keys without having to concern yourself with chips, marks, or even smudges.

Introductory Offer!

Treat yourself, or buy a voucher for a friend or member of your family. The Laser Hair Clinic can now offer Gel Nail Polish for an introductory offer of £20, for hands or toes.

Monday evenings only 50% discount normally £20 - now £10 for hands or toes

Come on girls get sparkly!!


When it comes to renewing your nail polish we recommend you book in to have the polish soaked-off professionally. This way you can watch the process and then you can buy a removal solution so you can do it yourself in future if you wish, although we do recommend that this is done professionally. To remove and a re-polish the cost is £25.00. To remove hand and toe polish and renew colour of your choice £45.

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